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Note :

If you have an old U-Talk UPS, you must remove the pin6 of the DB9 male connector cable.
Remark: New models, such as Pulsar Ellipse, Pulsar Evolution, Pulsar and Comet EXtreme, EXtreme C are not concerned.

Follow these steps to install PSP:

  • Log on to the system as root.
  • Insert the Solution-Pac CD-ROM in your CD drive or download PSP from EATON WEB
  • Mount your CD-ROM (eg.: /mnt/cdrom)
  • From EATON Solution Pac 2 CD-Rom, perform following command from a terminal:
    # sh <mnt/cdrom>/install/linux/psp/psplinuxv<XXX>.bin
  • Follow the instructions on the Installation Wizard screens.
  • Configuration editor appears automatically.
  • Specify the serial port to which the EATON UPS is connected. The default value is ttyS0 .
  • Protection is automatically started when you exit from configuration editor.
  • From now on, Personal Solution-Pac starts automatically when the system boots.
  • Test PSP

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