Using the Trace tool

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Trace.exe is a trace tool used to display the information saved by the various PSP modules. It is the means to precisely analyse operating sequences and diagnose any problems.

The executable is located in the PSP installation directory (by default <Windows program group directory>\EATON\Personnal Solution Pac).

Run Trace.exe.
Using the trace tool, it is possible to:

continuously view the trace directly in the window on the screen,
set the trace level from 1 to 3. Level 3 is the most verbose (wordy),
save the information on the screen to a text file (Trace.txt) using the Export button,
filter the information using key words (filter disabled for data saved to text files),
save the complete trace to text files (trace1.txt and trace2.txt). It is possible to save several hours of operation.

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