Viewing the event log

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The event log displays UPS events in both graphic and text form.
The information is in XML format and may be exported in the TXT, CSV and HTML formats.
The log may be accessed by clicking the "History…" button in the UPS viewer or via the Start menu and "Programs\EATON UPS SYSTEMS\Personal Solution Pac\View the UPS history".

To select the time zone displayed, it is possible to:

use the scroll bar at the bottom of the window to move the view interval along the time line,
use to zoom buttons at the bottom right to modify the time scale,
zoom a particular part of the graph by selecting the desired zone with the left mouse button.

To customize the graph, it is possible to:

use the drop-down list to select the desired type of display (Extended graphic, Lists, etc.),
resize the window as desired,
launch the alarm-display program several times to simultaneously display different view modes,
if the legend is not displayed automatically, right click a point on the graph to display it momentarily,
click the Options... button to customize the view mode (Add/Delete an object).

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