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PSP action is carried out in the security context of the user's account. It may be necessary to modify the context before certain actions may be run.
MgeRunAs.exe is the means for a user to run specific tools and programs with permissions that are different than those assigned to the user's account.

Localisation : The executable may be found in the PSP installation directory (by default <Windows program group directory>\EATON\Personnal Solution Pac).

Instructions for use :

  1. Fill in the domain name as well as the user's name and password.
  2. Indicate the program or command to be run using the specified account.
  3. Click the Generate button.
  4. Copy the command line and paste it in your application. This line may be used as is in a PSP Run action or in a script file.

The Open console option opens a DOS emulation console during execution.

Remark. The information on the user profile is encrypted in the command line. Encryption also depends on the executable and the parameters mentioned. If the name of the executable or one of the parameters is changed, the command line must be generated (encrypted) again.


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