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When PSP starts, an icon is displayed by default in the task bar. It can indicate one of the following status conditions:

AC power

Utility failure / load on battery

Communication failure

Battery fault

  • The installation is in correct running order when the AC power icon is displayed.
  • If the Utility failure / load on battery icon is displayed, check the power cable for the UPS. Note that this is the normal display if the AC-input power has failed.
  • If the Communication failure icon is displayed, wait an instant, then check that the communication cable between the computer and the UPS is correctly connected.
  • If the Battery fault icon is displayed, contact the EATON support department or your dealer to check battery connections or replace worn batteries

Remark. If display of the icon is disabled, the above information may be found in the UPS viewer

If a problem occurs, it is possible to use the trace program to assist in diagnosing the cause of the problem.


Click the icon in the task bar to access:


  • Double-click the icon in the task bar to access the UPS viewer directly.
  • When the scheduling function is activated, the line Scheduling activated is displayed in the systray menu. Click it to access the scheduling window in the configuration tool.

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